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Cultivating Music In A 

Divided World - 

Audiopharmacy Brings 

Post-Pandemic Purpose 

to Local and National 


“When our dreams are amplified 

beyond the power of our purpose, 

that’s a revolution. When our lives 

are led by women of color we 

restore the matriarchy, our past 

intertwines with our mother’s 

breath, and led by our mother’s 

steps - that is a solution,” 

preaches Ras K’ Dee, lead 

vocalist in Audiopharmacy’s 

newest single release "Lose Your Mind”, from the upcoming Audio Cinema, The Middle Path. “Lose Your Mind” currently carries a significant cultural reach of over 20,000 listeners on Youtube to date. A rare remix of Audiopharmacy’s “Lose Your Mind” (titled “Coliberate”) is set to drop on a vinyl postcard + augmented reality record player app on April 15th in the European market with Austrian label Postman’s Love. 


The Bay Area’s prescribed and certified Cultural Ambassadors have touched upon many locally, and worldwide, over the past twenty years. Audiopharmacy, a Multicultural, Indigenous, World Hip-hop Phamilia, a collective of cultural community musicians, visual and performance artists, root themselves in all the directions of Earth. Audiopharmacy’s music carries a message of Black/Brown/Indigenous futurism in today’s movement to inspire consciousness to activate in their listeners. Audiopharmacy is ready to share this healing energy in live performances slated in local and national communities this April 2022.


Despite the early pandemic's halt in live performances, Audiopharmacy continues to cultivate community support and is proudly holding their first public event of 2022 at the Oakland Museum of California (OMCA) for a LOVE MVMNT: A Community Dance Party on Saturday April 9th 12:00pm-1:30pm. OMCA is a place that inspires art for multigenerational audiences looking to invigorate and inspire. To find out more information on this event, you can check out OMCA’s event page here. At the end of the month, Audiopharmacy members will be supporting Oakland’s youth writing center, Chapter 510, on April 29th 3-pm-7pm. The writing center will be celebrating its grand opening with a performance with Teao Sense DJ/Live Set feat. AP Family, Azeem Ward (Flute) & Marcos Odara (Congas).


Supporting Indigenous lifeways is a main pillar of Audiopharmacy’s values. AP will be honoring Santee Dakota activist, poet, and national spokesperson for the Indians of All Tribes Occupation of Alcatraz Island (1969). John Trudell played an instrumental role as National Chairman for the American Indian Movement (1973-1979). On April 21st, Audiopharmacy will be performing at the 2022 John Trudell Lectures at the University of Nebraska - Omaha. Additionally on April 22nd Audiopharmacy will be in South Dakota for Uncila Makoce (Grandmother Earth) Week Event and performing on Unci Maka Day (Earth Day). The project is a collaboration with Summer Zephier, Seven Sovereign Sisters, Essential Food and Medicine (EFAM), Audiopharmacy, goSeven Visions Studios, Sioux Chef, Lakota Small Farms Project, Kindness Grocery Coop, The Kin Dao, and the Lakota People of Rosebud, South Dakota. The Lakota People’s mission through this inaugural event is to create a new system of sustainable food production and consumption rooted in indigenous lifeways. A GoFundMe is now collecting donations for the Unicila Makoce event and project. Audiopharmacy is excited to align their creative offerings with this cause. 


Audiopharmacy believes their musical medicine helps activate collective liberation in our divided world. Whether it be their hometown of the Bay Area or helping national Native communities, Audiopharmacy offers their prescription of healing and balance to bring our communities back together in a post-pandemic world. Audiopharmacy invites the people to support their upcoming events for 2022 and continue to follow the progress of their current work in progress, “The Middle Path.”To get involved, find information, or donate please visit


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