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Masters in Public Administration

San Francisco State University

Bachelors in Asian American Studies

+ Political Science

San Francisco State University

Awards & Nominations:

Women's Earth Alliance Leadership

Accelerator Fellow (2020)


I'm love/speak. Welcome to my website! Here is a little about my sacred purpose, cultural background, community work, and life passions:


My name is love/speak (she/they) and I am a decolonizing, visionary Pinay creative activated by unconditional love and collective liberation. Using my skills as a producer, educator, organizer, Earth Warrior and multidisciplinary artist (multimedia designer, writer, poet, performer, photographer, and videographer), I produce and co-create heARTful, community-minded projects to cultivate Kapwa (interconnectedness), decolonize mind, body and spirit, and nurture healing balance on our planet.


I am blessed to be raised in and by the diverse and culturally-rich Bay Area, also known by the indigenous people of Turtle Island as unceded Yelamu + Lisjan Ohlone Territories. Coupled with my strong familial, spiritual and indigenous roots to the islands colonially known as the Philippines where I was born, these worlds unite within me to cultivate a deeply rooted unconditional love for Mama Earth and the liberation of all sentient beings. It is from this belief in love and liberation that I am inspired to create my own personal and professional path motivated not by domination, capitalism and commodification, but rather in social change through the arts, culture, service and collective liberation.


I am the Womb Manager and a Core Member of Audiopharmacy Prescriptions - an International Multicultural community arts collective based in Oakland/Huichin, CA. The AP collective believes that through community, the arts, and education, we can inspire collective liberation and co-create towards a more sustainable and just world for all people.


I am also the Creative Director for love/speak productions - a special events production collaborative that combines the power of the arts, cultural exchanges, ceremony and celebration to to create gathering spaces with the intention of supporting and strengthening relationships & bridges among diverse communities and Mama Earth.

My focus with the community at large is to:

- build bridges of collaboration and intercultural understanding among diverse communities;

- to offer professional consultation to better reach creative, spiritual + sustainability goals;

- and to produce creative endeavors rooted in respect, joy, love and empowerment of all people, with a special focus on BIPOC communities and youth of color.


Some notable projects I've lead include include Seeds Sunday Series (San Francisco, 2014), Seeds & Soul Festival (Oakland, 2015), The Seventh Generation Medicine Concert (Standing Rock, 2016), Bay Area Artists Stand With Standing Rock (Oakland, 2017), Moment Audio Cinema Pre-release (Oahu, 2017). Run4Salmon Panel & Benefit Show (Berkeley, 2017), International Women’s Day Dance Party (Oakland, 2017), Moment Film Pre-release (Makati, 2017), Moment Audio Cinema Film Pre-release (Amsterdam, 2017), Climbing Poetree's Intrinsic Concert (Oakland, 2017), Moment Audio Cinema Vinyl Release (Oakland, 2018), Sol2Sol Summit (San Francisco, 2018), Baobab Oakland Eclectic Sessions (2019), Oakland for Maunakea (Oakland, 2019), a Tribute to Vaughn Benjamin (Oakland, 2019), American Indian Heritage Reception (San Francisco, 2019), and a host of live streams + performances recorded during the pandemic including Audiopharmacy’s “Black Native” Live Stream from Hyde Street Studios (San Francisco, 2020, The Long Road’s Society’s Run With The Moon (Oakland, 2020), Lakbai Diwa Mural Project (2020), Strength + Beauty Talk Talks "Music For Changemakers" Fundraising Concert (2020), Resound/Revision Festival’s Audiopharmacy in Yosemite (2021), Lakbai Diwa Cultural Ceremony (2021),  Audiopharmacy"Lose Your Mind" Official Release Campaign (2021), Twins Life Family Fund Campaign (2021), Audiopharmacy's AnceSTARS Halloween Mini-Fest (2021), and Audiopharmacy's Thangstaken Love Stream (2021).


While grateful with the career path I've paved for myself, still ~ my most prized time is spent with my two beloved children, Shishin and Sakima and my life-partner, best friend, and collaborator,  Teao Sense. I believe that unconditional love, prayer and family are the foundations for the revolution. I am also very passionate about uplifting the Divine Feminine, decolonization and protecting indigenous life ways; interconnection of sovereignty and Kapwa (Pilipino core value of interconnectedness) in the New World; unwinding roots of trauma and clearing the path to healing; cultivating empathic non-violent communication and relationship building, empowering ourselves and the youth through earth-based practices and mindful technology; connecting with nature, the elements, and the cosmos; calming the chaos through meditation and chanting; and dancing with joy like no one is watching.


May our ancestors and guides of love and light show us the way to our highest selves, and help us to inspire the next generation move towards healing and collective liberation.

In love, creativity and community,


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